Technical Engineer

skCUBE participation:

  • Proposal of ADCS – selection of method for determination of orientation in space
  • Simulation of TRIAD method – application of algebraic position method based on magnetometer and sunsensor onboard measurements

Great at:

  • Inertial navigation system
  • GNSS navigation systems
  • Hyperbolic navigation systems and MLAT methods
  • Integration of navigation systems
  • Simulation and mathematical application of Kalman filtering
  • Mathematical modeling of inertial sensors
  • Mathematical simulations


  • Support engineer in Honeywell International – Advanced Technology Europe, focused on navigation systems (Internship)
  • Slovak Organization for Space Activities – member of development team, the first Slovak satellite skCUBE – ADCS system
  • Internship at Slovak government squadron
  • Internship at Aircraft Industries, Czech republic – production and maintenance of L – 410 aircraft
  • Internship at Austrian Airlines – Austrian Technik Bratislava, Slovakia – maintenance of Fokker 70 and Fokker 100 aircraft
  • Research in field of integrated navigation systems – autonomous, satellite and hyperbolic aircraft navigation systems, Kalman filtering and inertial sensors
  • Author and co – author of scientific papers (SCOPUS)