Aerospace Engineer

skCUBE participation:

  • Sun sensor developer - full design, Mechanical design, Antenna system, Mechanical assembly and integration. Power source unit software programator, Project coodinator, Ground station design and software solution, Frequency coordination.

Great at:

  • Microelectronic design, Optoelectronic design, Mechanical design, CAD designer, „C“ software designer


  • „C“ developer
  • Unix like system administrator
  • Shell scripting
  • Basic network specialist, Cisco CLI
  • STM32, Atmel Mega, MSP430 „C“ microcontroler programator
  • Analog and digital microelectronic designer
  • Altium, Kicad PCB designer
  • SolidWorks designer
  • Radiocommunication design and solution
  • Antenna design and solution
  • Mechanical rotary platform design and solution
  • CAN and RS485 bus system
  • Free space optical communication systems
  • Optoelectronic and optic design and solution
  • Small robotic design
  • Custom and proprietary design