Technical Engineer

skCUBE participation:

  • Design and production of magnetorquers cores and coils.

Great at:

  • Excogitation of different, innovative solutions and unconventional point of view on commonly used stereotypes.


  • Researching innovative contact-less tensile stress measurement method for composite materials, since 2011(PhD. thesis and post-doc position). Laboratory tests and hardware development are finished, nowadays pending for testing on all-composite sport aircraft.
  • Experience with application of modern magnetic materials (magnetic microwires).
  • In 2012 awarded with the “Best PhD. thesis on TUKE” prize in the category “the scientific aspect of thesis”
  • Experience with a non-linear system control by neural networks (M.Sc. thesis, a jet engine fuel flow control by neural network, laboratory measurements and tests on a real jet engine).
  • Experience with tuning of car combustion engines by lightening of pistons and connecting rods (school project finished by laboratory dyno tests)