Power Supply System Developer

skCUBE participation:

  • Design of the acquisition, storage and distribution of energy in a satellite
  • Sample testing of components for radiation testing and selection of hardened electronic components
  • Draft control board power system, HW and SW
  • Design of energy transfer (links) from solar cells on board power system and system temperature measurement sidewalls Satellite
  • Proposal of bonding and sticking themselves to the walls of solar cells Satellite

Great at:

  • Design of systems with microprocessors Texas Instruments MSP430 and Tiva C. Development of hardware and software solutions for customer applications.


  • Ability to cover the entire process of designing the electronic system. From the analysis of the problem through the creation of assignments, design diagrams and PCB, SW development to the design and implementation of test system for the product
  • Working in design systems circuit Eagle and Altium including scripting in these systems
  • Working in 3D design system, SolidWorks
  • Work on the system Code Composer Studio (CCS). System design and analysis codes for microprocessors Texas Instruments. Programming these processors in C
  • Basics of Microsoft Visual Studio and C # language, sufficient for creating software for testing and communication with the proposed microprocessor system