About skCUBE

skCUBE is the first Slovak satellite, which was completely designed and constructed in Slovakia. The main aim of the project was to gain hands-on experience with space hardware, promote the importance of STEM education in Slovakia, inspire young people and strengthen Slovakia’s position within the European Space Agency (ESA). The satellite's main scientific experiment is focused on observing radio signals in space at frequencies from 3 to 30 kHz. The satellite will be used and operated via radio communication from Slovakia.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Slovak Association of Radio Amateurs ( for their cooperation and help with the skCUBE project. We really appreciate it.

Callsign: OM9SAT
Downlink: 437.100 MHz
Launch date and time: 23/06/2017 03:59 AM UTC. skCUBE will start its operations approximately 1 hour after the lift-off (05:00 AM UTC)


Alert! We have QSL and stickers for all listeners. First one win also nice skCUBE T-shirt! 🙂


Preliminary  TLE:

Download TLE here!

1 19008U 19008A 17174.18020093 0.00000000 00000-0 00000-0 0 9999
2 19008 97.4475 233.9431 0010091 251.0803 332.1592 15.20683519 06

UPDATE: Based on our observations and also thanks to verification made by Jozef OM3BC, skCUBE is most probably NORAD object 2017-036AA. You can now use official TLE from celestrak.

UPDATE: skCUBE is definitely object 2017-036AA, NORAD ID 42789. You can find it now in celestrak cubesat list.

Satellite skCUBE (OM9SAT) will transmit data periodically. See chart.



Primary channel – Data
Downlink: 437,1 MHz
Modulation: GMSK
Data speed: 9,6k
Protocol: AX.25
Transmit power: 1 W

Software for decoding will be available in next few days after launch.

Structure of data packets you can find in this document.

Morse (CW)
Frequency: 437,1 MHz
Speed: 20 WPM
Transmit power: 100 mW


Note: Morse message is a hexadecimal data format. "PSU Overcurrents" and "PSU connections" are 16 bit status information! System voltage" is a 16bit unsigned value in mV. Other values are 8 bit. If value starts with zero, zero is not transmitted and it is replaced by empty space. You have to carefully watch empty spaces between characters. Example is bellow.


000f / " F"
001f / " 1F"
020f / " 20F"
100f / "100F"
0f / " F"
2f / "2F"

    Date of receive *

    Time of receive (UTC) *

    Hamradio callsign / name /nick *

    GPS Lat

    GPS Lon

    WW Locator

    City *

    State / Country *

    E-mail address

    If You need feedback

    Morse data

    Receive text data (de OM9SAT = 23 21 .......etc)

    AX.25 Data

    9600 bps GMSK Hex data format (0c 03 05 4f 3f ......etc)